Welcome to my blog, a place where I. can. just. write.

My name is Meg, and I live in the gorgeous mountains of southwest Virginia, where the nights are cool, the summers hot, the sunsets stunning, the people southern at heart. (“Bless your heart!”)

I was raised in a loving Christian family, showered with kindness and bathed in love, and that combined with some much more difficult experiences has shaped the person I am today and the person I am becoming.

I love my church family and they are, along with my family, a huge part of my life. I love our little town and especially the children in it, so many of whom are hurting and neglected. I love teaching them about Jesus and being involved in their lives.

I also enjoy good literature and music and learning almost anything. I make natural body care products to sell at a few country stores and for my own use which has been a fun experiment.

As of February of 2019, I am married to the man of dreams, Laban Graber. We love life together on our (very) small farm. Both of us are very involved in our local children’s ministry and he works as a sales rep and product manager at a family business, The Relish Barn, a cannery where we make relishes, pickles, etc and sell them wholesale.

In July of 2019, through a tough situation in the lives of some of the children who come to our local ministry, we rather suddenly and unexpectedly became foster parents for a 9 year old boy and his 5 year old sister. They keep me on my toes (literally) and while I treasure every moment I have with them, I have allowed my writing to take a back burner for a time.

Most of all, I love serving Jesus and finding ways to serve Him through the passions He has given me. I want to be more like Him more than anything else.